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Should you work out?

More is not always more - especially when it comes to exercise. It can be hard to take a day off when you are working towards those gains or a new race time, but rest is an important part of a holistic training plan and gives your body time to rebuild and come back stronger.

How much rest should you take? This really depends on your individual workout plans and goals but aim for at least one rest day per week.

So, how do you know if you should take the day off? Here are some of the signs you should #treatyoself to a rest day.

  • You’re super sore- Not just like, a little stiff from your workout but having difficulty walking or sitting/standing up, give yourself a break. Maybe do some light stretching or foam rolling, or just take a bath

  • You are dreading it - Yes, sometimes you need to get over the mental hurdle and just do it, but if you’re really mentally tapped out and it happens for a few days, your brain needs a day off

  • You’re sick - This one may seem obvious but many people push through illness thinking it’ll make them feel better. JUST DON’T DO IT - you will just prolong your recovery

  • You slept like Sh*T - Research shows more often than not, sleep is more important for health than exercise if you’re lacking in one. Log the extra hour and move your body tomorrow.

  • You just didn't bring it in your last workout - This could be a sign that your body is getting a bit burnt out. Take a day and give yourself permission to fully check out, maybe try some meditation and stretching.

  • Your heart rate is elevated- If you track your resting heart rate with a fitness tracker, or just notice you feel a bit different, it's a good sign that your body is overworked and needs a break.

  • You're dehydrated - Go a bit hard last night? Forget to get your daily ounces of water? If you're starting in a deficit, adding a sweat session is not going to help anything. Focus on getting hydrated and coming back to the mat or pavement tomorrow.

So, what does a rest day look like? A rest day can be a day of active recovery like foam rolling, stretching, or even a slow walk. If you've really been hitting it hard and need a true break, just give yourself permission to take the day off completely.

Is your body asking for a rest day?

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