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Meet Your Coach


Hi there! I’m Ivy, a mom of two, Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, prioritizing my wellness amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. My story begins with a passion for health and movement that was always cornerstone of my life.


Before having kids, it was easy to get my workouts in whenever, cook meals from scratch, and sleep in on the weekends. But when the whirlwind of motherhood gave me a reality check and I found myself navigating sleepless nights, more laundry, toys everywhere, and a lack of time for myself, I had to make a real effort to make sure my well-being didn’t fall to the back burner.

I knew my health was not only non-negotiable, but it was a gift I could give to my family. With my passion for nutrition and wellness, I started using my skills and knowledge to redefine what wellness looked like for me as a mother and how to make sure it happened. I knew I wasn’t the first, or the last mom to face this challenge.


As a Nutritionist & Personal Trainer, I've not only reclaimed my own well-being but also dedicated myself to empowering fellow moms. I know the struggle of balancing motherhood while still trying to make sure you put on your own freaking air mask. You can’t show up for your family, your friends, or your partner unless you are taking care of yourself.


Whether you're a mom in need of quick, nutritious recipes for yourself and your family, or someone looking for a dose of encouragement and accountability, you've come to the right place.


Let's do this together because in the midst of the chaos, we can still find pockets of peace, moments of self-care, and the joy of savoring a well-balanced life. Welcome to a space where wellness meets motherhood –it’s time for you to prioritize YOU.

My 5 Wellness Pillars


Whole Foods

Not all the time, but most of the time. Adequat protein, fiber and healthy fats mean you have more energy, balance your blood sugar, maintain or lose weight and nourish your body for everything motherhood throws at you.


Stress Management

Elevated stress levels may negatively impact hormonal balance, menstrual cycles, and reproductive health. Not to mention, it sucks. Let’s take It down a notch in a way that actually works for you. 



Hey, we'd all like more sleep.  Quality sleep is crucial for hormonal balance, immune function, and mental health.

Getting even a little bit more will help with every areas of your life. I promise. 



Prioritizing your fitness means more energy, improved mental health, and less disease risk.


Not to mention you'll be able to carry all your groceries in one trip!



Odds are, you're dehydrated. Proper hydration is essential for energy, brain function, digestion, nutrient absorption and mental health. Even one** cup of coffee can count towards your total. 

Fruits and Vegetables

My Coaching is for you if: 

  • You're tired of your wellness being the last thing on your list and don’t know where to start

  • You’re ready to show up for yourself and realize actual change and feel energized, strong, and happy

  • You’re busy and your mental load is at its max

  • You want to feed your family more whole foods and minimize meal-time battles

  • You need realistic, easy tips on how to promote a plant-focused approach on your plate

Coaching Programs

One-on-One Coaching

Are you interested in changing your relationship with food to feel better and have more energy? It’s time to nourish YOU.


You'll receive personalized coaching, custom meal plans, workout & and exercise guidance, stress management techniques, unlimited support, accountability, and more!

Gut Reset

A healthy gut is connected to almost every process In the body. This gut reset helps you understand how your body responds to different foods and includes a gut-health roadmap, symptom checklist and delicious elimination recipes. This program incorporates fiber-rich foods, fermented products, and prebiotics into the diet to promote a diverse and balanced gut microbiota.

Yogurt with Fruit

No Added Sugar Challenge

This 21-day no added sugar challenge will help you gradually shift away from added sugars and help you experience more energy, balanced blood sugar, better mood, improved immunity, better gut health, and fewer cravings.

Includes a guided workshop, weekly blood-sugar balancing meal-plans, top tips to eat less added sugar, email & text support, accountability and more!

Meal Planning & Recipe Books

Stressed about what to feed yourself or your family? Don't have time to meal plan? Let me do the work for you.

My monthly meal-planning subscription is the right fit for you.


Want to start eating more plant-based foods? Don't need ongoing coaching?

Check out my recipe books and individual meal plans to get started.

Family Breakfast


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