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Working with Ivy and Nourished Way Nutrition was such an amazing and life-changing experience! I follow a predominantly plant-based diet and was struggling to diversify my protein sources.


I was also really in need of some accountability to stay on track for more than three days at a time. I followed a 3-month program with new meals and snacks every week! I was never bored of what I was eating and looked forward to each Sunday when Ivy sent me my new meal schedule for the week.


This plan taught me how to meal prep and plan, consume a balanced diet each day to keep me full and energized, find healthy choices in any situation, and most importantly to enjoy what I eat!


There IS room for chocolate (and maybe some wine) and NO room for guilt in a well-balanced diet. Thank you, Ivy! 

Abby G.

I learned great things about nutrition from Ivy. She taught me how to meal plan, set grocery lists, and helped to learn about healthy food alternatives.

She was a great coach and I was assigned "homework" to learn for myself the process of planning meals for a week.


It was awesome working with Ivy as she is so encouraging and helpful. 

Anna G.

Do not hesitate to work with Ivy, she is the best!! I had lost my way with food after a very nauseous pregnancy and adjusting to life with a little person.


She gave me super easy to execute on plans that fit my lifestyle, adjusted things as I became more active and checked in regularly, I continue to use the skills that she taught me. I cannot recommend her enough!

Renee K.

I decided that I wanted to train with a woman because of all of my health issues and age. I feel like I hit the jackpot b/c I not only had a female, but someone who has a vast knowledge about nutrition and exercise that I benefit from as a bonus!


Ivy's outlook on life is so positive and her perspective helps me to not only motivate me but to help me stay on track with the discipline to keep working. I'm so pleased at the progress I've made, and Ivy makes every session fun.


When I came to Ivy I was hyper focused on what my bathroom scale said. Now, I use that as only one tool to measure my physical health and for that I am extremely thankful. 

Thanks, Ivy, for all you've done for me!!!!

Darcy K. 

I started training with Ivy on a weekly basis in September 2016 and have nothing but great things to say about her!  My weekly session with Ivy is one of the highlights of my week.


On a practical level, she is always on time, has a work out planned that is challenging and appropriate for my fitness level, and can always accommodate changes in my crazy schedule if needed. I have FUN at my work outs. Ivy motivates me to try hard even if I think there's something I can't do, she makes sure I don't wimp out at the end of my sets while being sure I'm safe, and always knows how to add challenge and variety each week.  


I have watched my fitness level transform completely since I started with her and am more confident and happy with my life in general. I could not be more pleased with her guidance and direction and I hope to continue to train with her for a long time to come!

Daphne B.

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