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Resolution or Habit?

Are you setting a goal or resolution this January? The most common ones are around fitness and wellness, so it's no surprise to see gyms taken over in the first month of the year and diet plans flying off the shelves.

You're also probably not surprised to know that research shows that about 80% of people who make New Year's resolutions abandon them by mid-February. Why is that? Reasons often include setting unrealistic goals, lack of a specific plan, insufficient motivation, and not addressing the underlying behaviors that need to change.

So what should you do if you want to adopt some new healthy habits in 2024? Start small and habit stack!

Here is a great list to get started on incorporating some healthy habits into your existing routine so you can maintain them long past February and maybe even step them up a bit as you go.

  • Habit: Breakfast in front of your computer or on-the-go

  • Stack: Swap your existing breakfast for one with at least 30 grams of protein - try a nutrient-packed smoothie with fruits, veggies, and protein powder.

  • Habit: Snacking on the go

  • Stack: Prep pre-cut veggies, fruits, or nuts instead of processed foods and make sure you pack them.

  • Habit: Your morning coffee or tea

  • Stack: Sip an extra class of H20 while waiting for the coffee to brew.

  • Habit: Weekly Meal Prep

  • Stack: Prep while you watch your favorite show or listen to a podcast. Involve kids in the process if you aren't able to step away.

  • Habit: Daily meetings & calls

  • Stack: Get more movement in your day by taking your meeting on a walk, parking farther away from the store, or throwing on some tunes and having a dance party during dinner prep.

  • Habit: Eat dinner as a family

  • Stack: Set phones out of the room and put them on silent to focus on mindful eating

  • Habit: Hanging with friends

  • Stack: Meet friends for a walk or try a new fitness class together

  • Habit: TV time

  • Stack: Do bodyweight exercises during your favorite show or get up and do jumping jacks and mountain climbers during commercials

Habit stacking is an easy way to incorporate new positive behaviors into your existing routines, and increases the likelihood you can sustain them. If previous years and resolutions haven't worked out for you, try something small like this and see where it takes you.

You can learn more about habit stacking here:

Ready for even more accountability and transformation? Check out my services and see how one-on-one coaching can help!

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