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New Year - New Gut?

Are you ready to revamp your gut this year? Clinical research shows that adding more plants to your diet has a variety of benefits, but today we're continuing to focus on gut health, which is tied to everything including mood, immunity, energy, weight, and sleep. Don't want to spend hours cooking to get a variety of different plants? Enter, the Nourished Salad.

This is my favorite go-to meal, easy for lunch or dinner, or hey, even breakfast if you're into that kind of thing. Made with anything in your crisper, on your counter and in your pantry, you throw it together in under 10 minutes. I love to combine raw veggies + cooked veggies, feel free to add things you wouldn’t normally think of like broccoli or blueberries.

This formula lets you mix and match based on your preferences, and with all these components, you’re in for a filling, gut-friendly, energizing meal that can easily net you at least 10 different kinds of plan

ts. Make sure your pantry is stocked with these the next time you head to the store, and grab something fermented for added gut benefits.

The Nourished Salad: 🥗

1 - Choose your leafy greens (1-2) 🥬

2 - Add veggies & fruits (as many as you want) 🍎 🥦 🍓 🥕

3 - Healthy fats (1-2) 🥜 🫒

4 - Fermented foods (1-2)

5 - Plant-based proteins (1-2) 🫘

Give it a try - tag me @nourishedwaynutrition on Instagram with your colorful combinations! Happy New Year!

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