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5 Exercises I NEVER do

Updated: Jun 5

... or have my clients do, as a mom and personal trainer.


Normally I would say all movement is good movement, but if you're a mom, you don't have time to waste when exercising. Here are the top things I don't do, don't recommend my clients do, and what I recommend instead.


1. Long, Complex Cardio Routines:

  • Why it's a waste: They obviously take way more time than you have and can just tire you out. 

  • Better alternatives: Short bursts of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or brisk walks with the stroller are effective and time-efficient.

2. Spot Reduction exercises 

  • Why it's a waste: THEY. DON’T. WORK. Spot reduction is a myth; you can't target fat loss in specific areas through isolated exercises.

  • Better alternatives: Bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, push-ups, or planks target lots of areas at once = more efficient. 

3. Overly Complex or Trendy Exercises

  • Why It's a Waste: Exercises that require intricate equipment or techniques can be time-consuming to learn and perform and you probably don't have access to them. 

  • Better Alternative: Stick to simple, effective exercises you can do without any equipment like planks, push-ups, and kettlebell swings, which can be done anywhere and provide great strength and conditioning benefit

4. Single Muscle Group Exercises

  • Why It's a Waste: They aren’t really functional, do you ever just do bicep curls in your real life? Nope, but you do carry lots of groceries or squat while holding your kid. 

  • Better Alternative: Choose exercises like squats to overhead press, lunges with twists, things that you will actually do in real life. 

5. Ab Crunches 

  • Why it's a waste: Crunches are one of the worst exercises for core strength. After having a baby, you need to be doing more engaging and functional things.

  • Better alternatives: Exercises like planks, bird-dogs, or dead bugs are more effective at strengthening your core without putting stress on your spine.


Your time is precious, so do yourself a favor and skip these ones.  


Quick, efficient workouts are what my clients stick to and what actually get results. 


If you’re looking for more guidance, schedule a discovery call, my coaching programs offer custom workout plans- sign up here.

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