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Level Up Your Salad

Salads are one of my favorite meals and ways to pack in nutrients with leafy greens, healthy fats, and plant-based protein.

Here are some ways to level up your #basic salad:

Leafy Greens -

I am not talking about your iceberg wedge salad here. Hard pass - where is the flavor? Bring me spicy arugula, some chard, earthy kale, or even mild spinach. Take your pick but I love to mix/match my greens.

Mix up textures-

Salads don’t have to be raw, that isn’t nourishing in the colder months and gets boring, not to mention can get a bit taxing on your digestion. I love to lightly blanch my greens, or roast and stir fry veggies to add to my raw ingredients, the combo of crunchy raw + softer cooked is more interesting for sure.

Think outside the salad box -

My favorite signature salad often includes things you don’t expect to see in a salad. Roasted Brussel sprouts? Sure! Stir fry cabbage? Yes! Sweet potato chips? Ahuh honey. The only limit to your salad experience is your creativity. Cooking your veggies in spices also ensures your salad has alot of flavor. I love garlic, Trader Joe's Umami & Everything But the Bagel Seasonings.

Follow the rainbow -

How many colors can you get into your salad? Challenge yourself to see how bright you can make it, green, purple, orange, red all belong in your salad. It should be pretty to look at and eat!

Get friendly with fat -

Fat = flavor. Throw some avocado, hemp seeds, nuts and a homemade dressing on it. Do it.

Grains for gains -

If a salad doesn’t usually fill you up, add some whole grains. My favorites are farro & quinoa which both pack some extra proteins so you can keep your #gains.

Perfect Protein -

Your plant-based fat and grain choices will provide a lot of protein to your salad, and news flash = PLANTS HAVE PROTEIN. But if you want to take it one step further, throw some tofu, lentils, or beans on there to really #levelup

Adding flavor, fat, and protein ensure your salad is not just a snack or something that leaves you rummaging around in the cabinet looking for a snack a little later. What are your favorite salad add-ins?

Check out some of my salad recipes here!

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