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Struggling With Sticking to Your Goals?

As moms, it's really easy to put everyone else's needs above yours, or you just simply can't find the mental space for new habits, no matter how simple they seem.

Are you stuck in the mindset that you’ll start tomorrow or next week? 

Do you start with big changes and get overwhelmed and stop? 

Do you struggle to make lasting changes when it comes to your wellness goals? 

How many times have you set a New Year's resolution to go to the gym every day? Or start a new diet like Whole 30 only to fall off 4 days in? This is not your fault, these approaches are NOT SUSTAINABLE. Life is already tiring, challenging, and chaotic enough, don't make this harder on yourself.

Ready to try something better? I bet no matter how busy you are, you have 2 minutes.

This approach helps you take small steps toward a bigger goal and work toward lasting change. How does it work?

  • The 2-Minute Rule, popularized by James Clear in his book "Atomic Habits," emphasizes starting small and breaking down habits into manageable two-minute tasks.

  • By focusing on tiny actions that take just a few minutes to complete, we can overcome the inertia of starting and build momentum toward our goals.

What would this look like, for real?

  • Want to practice mindful eating? Take ONE deep breath when you sit down, before you start eating

  • Trying to eat more fruits and veggies? Buy pre-cut options

  • Ready to start exercising more? Try throwing on your shoes and walking around the block once a day

  • Need more flexibility? Do some stretches when standing at the stove or in a meeting

  • Want to drink more water? Keep a class next to your bed

Don't roll your eyes, I can hear it through the computer. These small changes might not seem like they aren't going to get you anywhere, but they will, and here's why.

  • This approach is flexible, you can decide what will help you get towards your goals and change it as needed. Have 5 minutes today? Walk a bit farther, do some yoga poses, and gradually work your way up.

  • It removes a barrier - you have 2 minutes each day and you know it. It stops you from continuously thinking that you'll try again or start tomorrow. Start now, start small, and keep going.

  • It creates a sense of achievement - we all like crossing things off our list. These things add up and the more you do them, the more you'll believe you can do them and keep going.

Behavior change precedes identity change because our actions shape our sense of self. When we consistently engage in new behaviors, whether they're related to wellness, productivity, or any other aspect of our lives, we start to see ourselves differently. Over time, these actions become habits, and as they become ingrained in our daily routines, they reinforce a new identity aligned with those behaviors and it gets easier every day to do these things.

If your goal is to eat more healthy food, consistently choosing healthier foods transforms your view of yourself from someone who "tries to eat healthy" to someone who simply "is a healthy eater."

What habits are you working towards this year? Do you want even more accountability? Set up a free call today to chat about how I can help you set realistic goals and stick to them.

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A good a baby-step approach. I tried to start with 10 repetitions and could not manage the. Went down to 5 and have been adding 1 rep a week to my routine. I am doing 3 sets of 10 now! Thank you, Ivy, for a good reminder.

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