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Welcome to my 7-Day
No Added Sugar Program

Added sugar is not just in your morning pastry or that cookie after dinner. These days it’s in everything from salad dressing to tomato sauce. What is all this added sugar doing to us? Excess added sugar can crowd out other nutrients and increase our risk of chronic diseases like diabetes. Consuming lots of sugar can also spike your blood sugar, meaning energy crashes, brain fog, and fatigue.


Paying attention to gradually shifting away from added sugars can help you experience more energy, better mood, improved immunity, better gut health, and fewer cravings.

Join my 7-day program to get: 

7-Day Plant Based Meal Plan

Enjoy a  7-day meal plan packed with delicious plant-based, nutritious recipes including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and three snacks per day without any added sugars to balance your blood sugar and leave you feeling satisfied. 


Online Workshop with me 

A live online workshop with me to understand how added sugars affect your health, why sugar is so addictive, and how to phase them out of your diet with time for Q&A.


Tips for ongoing success 

Join the Nourished Way community to get daily tips to help you make the transition to less sugar without losing your mind. 


Unlimted support from a nutritionist

You will have unlimited email support from a nutritionist to ask questions throughout the week. 

Tropical Fruit Dessert

I'm ready to sign up!

You're all set - Check your email!

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