I know that you have unique needs and goals, that's why a one size fits all program isn't for you.

I work with you to customize your program to best fit your lifestyle and goals. 

Any of these sound familiar? 

The weekend warrior

The busy parent

The career athlete

The foodie

The ex-couch potato

The endurance athlete 

The swamped student


Ivy Karlinsky

Nutritionist & Certified Personal Trainer

I believe that health is a result of a holistic approach to behaviors around wellness. This includes incorporating movement in your routine, choosing nutritious whole foods most of the time, drinking plenty of water, and prioritizing sleep and mental health.

I grew up eating a plant-based diet and have always been interested in how food makes me feel and moving my body. After getting my first degree I ended up in finance and found myself unsatisfied and daydreaming about food and exercise all day. 

As a mother and nutritionist, I am passionate and intentional about sharing my knowledge with others to empower them to step into their healthiest, most vibrant, and confident selves. 

I have nutritional counseling experience in clinical settings, working with athletes, and with clients one-on-one to achieve goals wellness on all levels. 

I understand that incorporating all sorts of movement is integral for a balanced body. I work with clients to create unique programs to increase strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence.

 When not working with clients I love spending time with my daughter and husband, running, yoga, picking up heavy things, baking, and taking naps (when I can!) 

Certifications & Education 

  • Bastyr University BS in Nutrition & Exercise Science 

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

  • CPR Certified